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Announcing the Mcuplace Store! (and some new projects to come)

01/08/13 | by Jfkfhhfj | Categories: Code
I wanted to introduce the new store i am attaching to the blog. . The primary purpose of the store is to sell the PCBs and designs featured in the blog. All projects will have all source code/project files on the project page… more »
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This blog is dedicated to working with digital circuitry and the use of microcontrollers, small compact computers on a chip. I will be encompassing many techniques to develop projects, tools to use to write and assemble code and i will be sharing any projects i am currently working on. User feedback is a must! I do not know it all, hell im not even that experienced, but without a general place to get all the info needed i find it very hard to get into the world of microcontrollers without pursing a CE degree. So come one come all and enter the world of mystery and creativity!


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